Bespoke content for every application

The written word should be as versatile as the English language and with over 1 million words at your disposal, you can say nearly anything. I offer a diverse array of writing services to help you to articulate your ideas and brand content

Step 1: Research

At the heart of any great writing lies research. Sourcing, verifying, and organising practical information is the first step to quality content, and that holds true whether the text in question is a simple blog, a novel, or a white paper intend for industry experts.

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Step 2: Experience

Every brand has a voice, and if not, it should. My job is to find that voice, or to help you find it, so that the content you publish speaks to your consumers. I offer ghost writing, branded copy, and editing to ensure that all of your content fits into your brand and your style so that it has the most impact for your target audience.

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Step 3: Create

Here, I take ideas, research, and a lot of creativity (and coffee) to put together a collated piece that delivers everything you want to say. The first step is to ideate the piece, and work all of the research and concepts into a logical and cohesive order using words that communicate not just your ideas, but also your brand personality.


Step 4: EvaluateScreen Shot 2016-08-24 at 01.06.33

The editing process is crucial for finishing any piece. Here, I bring the content closer to your goals, create and choose the perfect words and phrases, and polish the text until it represents your brand. Editing is about more than grammar, and I can step in to edit my own work, or yours, to ensure that your content is perfect, no matter who wrote it.