An English copywriter based in the Netherlands

Specialising in creative copy for digital marketing

As a freelance copywriter, I have dedicated a large portion of my life to the written word. Attention to detail, a deep love of grammar and usage, and a demand for excellence drive me to provide quality, engaging content across a variety of niches and topics. I provide copy for web and print, and have done so professionally since 2009. Since then, I have worked for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500s.

Previous Work

I’ve worked for a wide range of companies, including Spider, Skubana, Trade Gecko, Think Crucial, eBay Inc, The High Tech Society, American Power and Gas, SunPower, Rory Martin, Trendimi, Sterling Johnston & Associates, and many more. As a result, I have experience with a diverse array of clients and topics, and can utilize my experience to work with nearly anyone. My job as a contractor allows me to quickly integrate with a company, learn its style, and work within its brand.

Personal Life

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After graduating, I immediately went to work, turning an internship into a lifelong career. In 2014, I moved to the Netherlands from the United States, where I work as a freelance English copywriter in Rotterdam. I have a boyfriend, two cats, a job that I love, an indoor garden, and too many hobbies to list in a professional setting. My current goals are to continue to develop myself, in my professional and personal life.

Whether for books, newsletters, blogs, video, landing pages, or sensational web content meant to convert sales, I take pride in my work and strive to ensure that every sentence is nothing less than superb. Contact me to see what I can do for you.